KC Golf Show

Frinton Golf Club Open Day

The Essex coastline was in glorious sunshine for Frinton’s Open Day and to round off a beautiful spring morning, I was also in the company of my No.1 fan, my five year old son, Lewis Beau.


Lewis has watched a few of his Daddy’s shows and who knows one of these days, he might just make his debut appearance and perform in The KC Golf Show.

For sure, it was lovely to have my boy with me and it was also great to see so many youngsters attending the Open Day. Fingers crossed the show was a winner with the kids and I hope Frinton Golf Club receive an influx of interest in junior golfers wanting to take up the game having seen the fun side of golf by way of a trick shot show.

Last year the Show/Open day took place the day before I ran the London Marathon so it was nice on this occasion to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about injuring myself.

Hope to see you again next year in 2014! Can you book the sunshine again please!!!

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