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The audition for Britain’s Got Talent was a great experience, and considering the nerves I held myself together to put on a decent performance that might just persuade the producers to give the KC Golf Show a look in the live shows.

The audition’s are very well organised from start to finish – I arrived at London’s ExCel approx 8.30am and joined the que for registration. In just 30 minutes I signed in and was directed to a member of staff who would then give me my Britain’s Got Talent audition No. 70820 ( Which I proudly stuck on my Vibrant Green Galvin Green sweater!)

I then moved in to a much larger room with the other contestants. The room was split in half (one side solo acts, the other variety acts).  You guessed it,  I  joined the side of the room performing variety acts! I can safely say there were no other golfers doing keep me uppies on a unicycle!

The room filled up in no time, and then came the famous Britain’s Got Talent music that plays at the start of evey show. The reality, nerves, excitement soon hit home as I knew it would’nt be long before the KC Golf Show would have his momenet to impress!

Small groups were then taken through to the auditioning rooms ( I counted six in total) There was probably four or five acts waiting at each auditioning room.  Within ten minutes I was in performing my tricks to a Paolo Nutini track (pencil full of lead).

Apart from a slight wobble on the unicycle  I was pleased with how my audition went. I now have to wait until the New Year to find out if I’ve made it through to the live shows.

I would like to thank everybody for there support, and as soon as I here any news you will be the first to know.

Fingers crossed The KC Golf Show brings you the good news!!!

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