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Unicycle Speedway Lap – Ipswich Witches – May 2015

Ever since a kid I’ve been a regular to Speedway’s Foxhall Stadium, home to Suffolk’s Ipswich Witches..

Due to the power of social media I’ve recently got to know some of the riders, as well as members of staff involved with the club. This has led to me performing shows att Rushmere Golf Club for the “Kim Jansson Golf Classic” a witches rider who is now sadly in a wheelchair as a result of a speedway crash in 2008.

On Monday’s May Bank Holiday meeting against The Sheffield Tigers the club asked if I would like to attempt a lap round the speedway track on my Unicycle during the half time interval. Obviously there had to be a trick involved, so I thought why not attempt to juggle a golf ball around the circuit with my sand iron.

Speedway Lap

As you can imagine, it was quite a nerve racking experience? My main objective was not fall off and embarrass myself and thankfully I managed to get round without any hick ups… The lap took me 3 mins and 24 secs and the referee counted 340 keep me uppies. It’s been great getting to know the riders and I feel very proud that my Trick Shot Show has given me the opportunity to showcase The KC Golf Show to a club/sport that I have followed for many years..   Who knows, one of these days,  I might get to have a go on a Speedway Bike??Ipswich v Sheffield (Premier League)

I would like to thank Team Manager Chris Louis for allowing the opportunity and a special thanks to Club Presenter Kevin Long and Witches Photographer Stephen Waller Photography for playing a big part it making this possible.

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