KC Golf Show

Achimota Golf Club – Ghana

I must admit that when I was boarding the British Airways flight to Accra in Ghana I felt a little apprehensive about what the trip would be like, what would the course be like, would the people like my show etc…

There was no need for any apprehension, Achimota Golf Club is one of the twenty or so golf courses in the country, and has to be one of the most popular clubs in the capital.

Now in its 75th year, the club was holding a two day event sponsored by Infinity Tyres. Infinity are a global company who provide the ultimate in tyre technology, performance and design, catering for all road conditions. Much needed in some parts of Ghana, although not unlike the roadway outside our house!

The opportunity to visit Ghaha arose when I was introduced to a contact who is heavily involved with Infinity Tyres whilst performing my show at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai earlier this year. Al Dobowi Group, support the growing needs of the tyre management service for Infinity in Africa. Mr Kandhari (the MD of the group) was so impressed with the entertainment that I brought to Dubai that he thought it would be a great idea to invite me along to entertain the competitors taking part in the Achimota Masters.

On arrival to the Golf Club, the people were extremely welcoming and I could sense everyone was looking forward to watching the show. As I set up my show a crowd started to congregate in wonder at the strange assortment of balls, sticks, pipes and one wheeled wonders! My stage was set in between the 18th green and the clubhouse, and all we needed now was for the rain to stop. So many people were waiting in anticipation, and intrigued as to what I was going to do.

The weather was kind and eventually the rain relented in time for me to start. Never have I had so many volunteers for the tall tee challenge. Luckily for me the eight or so people who lined up to try and hit the ball all failed miserably which gave the audience plenty to laugh about.

By this time the show was flying and everyone was hanging on for what trick was to come next. Again there were no shortage of volunteers with Chrissie and Elizabeth attempting the double handed cross over chip shots much to the amusement of the audience.

The KC Golf Show went on to make full use of the gym ball tricks despite the slippery conditions, and finished a highly entertaining show with a variety of moving ball shots superbly executed from the 20ft pipe.

After the show it was great to catch up and share a joke with everyone involved with the event. The people were superb and the event was a great success,.The KC Golf Show made a lot of new friends in Ghana, and welcomes the opportunity of a return visit to Africa That is three continents visited in 2011, only a few more to go for the full set!

My flight arrived back safely in the UK, and guess what, yes, it was raining…..

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