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Emirates Airline Invitational

A traffic jam on the M25 made time tight for the KC Golf Show to be set up in preparation for the 3pm start at the Emirates Airline Invitational being held at Brockett Hall.

What normally takes the best part of an hour to set up Kevin was more or less ready to go in just 25 minutes.

The eagerly anticipated event organized by Worldwide Golf Magazine in conjunction with Boom Events took place in the stunning surroundings of the golf club at Brockett Hall in Hertfordshire on Monday 22nd August.

The competitors were treated to a superb day in glorious sunshine, and all were battling it out for a trip to the UAE to compete in the Golden Ticket Grand Final. The winner would tee it up alongside stars of the European Tour at the Emirates Airline Invitational hosted by Abdullah Al Naboodah.

Among the field taking part was radio DJ Spoony and ex Celtic and West Ham keeper Allen McNight.

As a Hammers fan I thought better than to involve Allen in the Tall Tees. Instead I volunteered MR George Gros (longest hitter in the event) who was willing to take on the challenge. George renowned for his impressive distance off the tee failed on this occasion much to the amusement of the spectators led by Peter Brady (Jude Brady Memorial). George was hoping for revenge later in the show as Peter was encouraged to take part in striking a moving ball which is launched from a 20ft pipe. A surprised, but relieved look appeared on Peter’s face as he nailed the moving ball on the half volley. I guess that’s Peter Brady 2, George Gros nil!

Overall winner, Rafael Roberts who clinched the Golden Ticket to the Grand Final also made a good attempt at the double handed cross over shots…only two wedges were broken!

The KC Golf was thrilled to be involved in such a wonderful event, and will keep a close eye on proceedings to the Emirates Invitational. Who knows, let’s hope the KC Golf Show will be writing a blog in January from the UAE at the Golden Ticket Grand Final!

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2 Responses to Emirates Airline Invitational

  1. Peter Brady says:

    Great show Kevin and cant wait to see the next one but i have to say i hit the second ball on full volley with a slight draw through a tree and straight into the hotel grounds. i was amazed i was able to hit it at all never mind 220 yards. anyway i am looking forward to seeing your show at Stoke by Nayland on the 25th May 2012. this is a must see show for anyone not already lucky enough to have seen it make a point of getting to one of Kevin’s shows.

    • kcadmin says:

      Thanks very much Peter,

      I thought you might like the mention….not so sure Geogre will feel the same!
      I too am looking forward to Stoke by Nayland on the 25th May 2012.

      Hope to catch up soon, cheers Peter


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