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Kim Jansson Golf Classic

As a Speedway Fan I was delighted to be back at Rushmere Golf Club for the Kim Jansson Golf Classic.

Kim, a former rider for the Ipswich Witches sadly was left paralysed after suffering  a broken back during a meeting in Sweden in 2008.

This is the 5th year the Kim Jansson Golf Classic has been held at Rushmere, and each year the Golf Day goes from strenth to strength.  What started out with just a few of Kim’s friends, and key sponsors the Charity Day has had over 200 golfers playing in the past two events.


This year the Golf Day raised well over £2,000 , and Kim received a standing ovasion during the prize giving presentation led by Club Captain John Pedelty, and fellow organisers Justin Winn, Clive Webb, Tony Wallis, and Ron Hewlitt.

I caught up with Kim minute’s after the Show. More photos from the event are available on my Gallery Page courtessy of Stephen Waller.

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  1. Golfzoo says:

    Great to know that the Charity and Golf Day went well.

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