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Wolseley Golf Classic – Gleneagles 2014

The Wolseley Golf Classic was a real treat for me and everyone playing in the Golf Day. The event took place on The PGA Centenarary Course at The Gleneagles Hotel.

Wolseley, the world’s No.1 distributor of heating and plumbing products got o play the championship course just two weeks after The Ryder Cup. To play the holes with the huge grandstands located around the course must have been very special indeed.

Gleneagles kindly allowed me to perform my show from the 1st tee which was fantastic. The view down the first fairway with the  Glendevon in the distance is just the best backdrop any golfer can wish for.


I arrived at the course in darkness as the show was scheduled for 8.30am. It was only until dawn broke I realised the scale of the grandstands surrounding the 1st tee.


Starting at 8.30am in the middle of October, you could say was a little fresh, but once the 100+ golfers and caddies arrived the atmosphere soon warmed up.

Considering the early start the group were in great form and amongst the audience enjoying the show was former US Masters Champion and Welsh Hero Ian Woosnam.


Fifteen years ago I started my PGA training at The Gleneagles Golf Academy under the instruction of Head Professional Greg Schofield. I have many fond memories here at Gleneagles and I loved working at the Academy with a great team. To return after all this time was a great feeling and I hope will be the start of a new working relationship with the resort.

More photo’s from the Wolseley Golf Classic can be seen here on my Facebook page and highlights from the event can also be seen on my You Tube Channel

Next up for me is the London Golf Show performing a double act trick show with my good friend Geoff Swain. Geoff and I have been working together for almost three years now and as much as we both enjoy performing our individual shows, the double act show offers a truly unique experience in golfing entertainment.

To find out more about our performances at the London Golf Show, please check out the latest news from the Golf Trick Shot Boys






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