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Tip of the month – March

Building a good grip

Those of you who read instructional books, and magazine articles cannot fail to notice the emphasis placed by teachers on gripping the club correctly.

In this 2nd edition of ‘Tip of the month’ I would like to share with you a couple of key points to simplify a good grip.

Hold the club in the fingers NOT the palm.

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2 Responses to Tip of the month – March

  1. Chris Hayward says:

    Hi Kev
    Great site!! Must admit its the first time I have looked at it love the tip of the month !! Glad the shots I have shown you are working ha ha

    • kcadmin says:

      Cheers Chris,

      Next month will be…….. How to control the SNAP HOOK…..! Should help you when playing the 12th?

      New stock arrived this week – got some trousers which are right up your street!

      Thanks mate


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